I love rough sex and deep penetration

We present a model webcam successful in the virtual world, this tranny offers a fantastic erotic show for you. The name is Sandy, is 26 years old and lives in manchester. We tried to talk with Sandy and answered our questions.

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Britishwebcamsex.com  : Hello Sandy, can you describe yourself

Sandy: Hi, I’m glad to describe that I’ve done it, I am a very cheerful I really like what I do and want to get more top charts.

Britishwebcamsex.com  : Can you tell us which are your fetishes?

Sandy: Hmm …. firstly I say that I really like to have sex, as fetishes can say that attracts me is : anal training, cuckolding, as play, fisting, gags & blindfolds, humiliation, smoking, BDSM, foot fetish, outfit, there would be many to believe but these fit me best, I love rough sex

Britishwebcamsex.com  : Can you tell us what you do best?

Sandy: I do not know if there is something I do best, like I said I love rough sex with deep penetration.

Britishwebcamsex.com  : Thank you very much for answers

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